Homepage slideshow (in order of appearance):
1.) Backyard patio by Pete Cadieux
2.) Lush Firepit by a Blade of Grass
3.) Modern Hardscape by Amy Martin
4.) Front Entrance Design by Hilarie Holdsworth
5.) Backyard Stone Patio by Nancy Lattanzio
6.) Bluestone Patio by Jane Rupley
7.) Hillside in Bloom by Leisha Marcoccio
8.) Fieldstone Patio by Rue Sherwood
9.) Modern Gathering by Pete Cadieux
10.) Pool Days by Nancy Lattanzio
11.) City Life by Andrea Morse
12.) Waterfall by Amy Martin
13.) 3D Rendering (Patio) by Rue Sherwood
14.) 3D Rendering (Back) by Rue Sherwood
15.) Master Drawing by Hilarie Holdsworth
16.) Front Entrance Container by Amy Martin