'Right to Practice' Legislation Update December 2011


A report from Laura Kuhn, APLD Advocacy Chair.

There are two different bills in MA right now that landscape designers should
know about, and both of them promote the licensure of the practice of landscape
architecture. APLDNE supports HB 3266, but we oppose HB 2027. Both bills were
heard in late June, and they now are officially "in committee". 

The issue is not at all resolved, but in effect it's on
hold while committee members deal with other more pressing issues; they will
reconvene to vigorously debate this issue - and possibly soon.  This means
that committee members & all of our legislators are still eager to continue
to hear from us on both of these bills. 

APLDNE members are still encouraged to contact their legislators to voice their opinions

as landscape designers. There is no word yet on the committee's inclination on
these bills, which means they could go either way.  We have no idea as of
right now.

With input from many local industry reps, we created HB 3266 as a strategy to preserve designers' abilities to practice, along with preserving the traditional roles of many other industry professions, even as landscape
architects become licensed.  It's worth noting that MNLA has put a tremendous amount of work into the creation & promotion of HB 3266. We are very fortunate to have them working so hard on this - it takes a team!


Laura also wanted us to note on our calendars:

Mass Ag Day April 3, 2012 at the State House. 

 It's time we had representatives from APLDNE at this important event,

where they can mingle with state legislators and other industry members while tasting samples of
local cheeses, ice cream, meats, breads, honey, cranberry products, maple
sugar, and other outstanding MA agricultural products. The food is great, &
the legislators are entirely focused on our industry for the day.  This is
a great opportunity to advance our professional practice concerns about pending
or future legislation. 

 The day usually includes scheduled meetings with legislators in the morning hours, followed by
networking with them and their staff again over food in the Great Hall while
discussing legislative issues of concern.

Let's pull together a small group of members to join other industry members at MASS
Ag Day this year.