April Newsletter


2017 Boston APLD Conference Updates

Dear Fellow Members:

Your Local Site Committee (LSC) for the 2017 Boston APLD Interational Landscape Design Conference has been hard at work behind the scenes on initial planning.  But we need your help to make the conference a success.

We are interested, specifically, in hearing your ideas for a conference theme, gardens to visit, and speakers.

Like great design, a great conference is one that is collaborative in nature.

With your input, Boston 2017 will not only be a great success, but will reflect the great wealth of design experience and talent possessed by the chapter's membership.

Here’s how you can help:

Share your ideas for a theme

Each international conference has had a tag line to express its focus. Here are some examples:

  • 2016  Santa Fe: Art of Adaptive Design
  • 2015  Washington, DC: A Monumental Conference
  • 2013  Detroit: Growing Green, Flowing Blue, Pushing Through
  • 2010  Dallas: Discovery, Dreams, Design

Much like great design, once you arrive at an over-arching “theme” to a project, many of the design decisions fall into place. We feel this is also true for our conference.  The LSC would like our theme to honor our great horticultural and design past (Olmsted, Farrand, Sargent, etc.) while looking to the future with our innovations in leading-edge design, green roof technologies and sustainable practices.  So as you travel from site to site with your work, please consider what makes New England landscape design uniquely ours.

Please send your theme ideas to Nancy Lattanzio, nancylattanzio@gmail.com.


Propose your "must-see" gardens

Conference attendees cite the exclusive opportunities to visit high quality gardens as among the most significant highlights of the event. The LSC is looking for high-quality gardens that provide a strong, compelling narrative.  What makes the garden unique?   What elements stand out that make it exceptional in some way?  Is it materials, plant choices, design or layout?  Is it historical, whimsical or educational?

Criteria are as follows:

  • Site must be able to accommodate 50-250 visitors in a day
  • On-site parking is not required; however, site must be accessible to buses
  • Ideally, site should be accessible to those with limited mobility (canes, walkers, scooters, wheelchairs)
  • Photography must be permitted (Exceptions may be made under certain circumstances)

Gardens should be appropriately maintained and prepped for the day of the tour

APLD International is currently revising the Garden Tour Submission Form so it can be filled out online and submitted electronically.  We will let you know as soon as this is complete.  In the meantime, Tom Wilhelm can provide any member with the form.  He can be reached at: twilhelm@abladeofgrass.com   Lastly, this is a juried process between the LSC and the National Conference Board.  Submissions that make the first cut will be asked to submit a few photos for consideration.  Only approximately 16 gardens will be toured over the two days of Garden Tours and these will be limited to the Greater Boston area and surrounding suburbs.  This is done to limit travel time between sites.  Another 8 gardens located in Newport RI and Cape Cod will be included in the Post-Conference Tours.


Suggest speakers and topics you'd like to hear

Our national conferences are designed to broaden your knowledge of our craft and provide lasting inspiration.  We want our speaker lineup to be the best of the best, to provide cutting edge information and to inspire and motivate.   We want to showcase the tremendous talent that is here in New England.   We are looking to our membership to tell us what you want to hear about--and who you want to hear!   You can nominate speakers you want to hear or who have inspired you in the past, or just tell us what subjects you want to explore.  Drop a note to Love Albrecht Howard, alovea@comcast.net, to start the dialogue.

This is a call to all landscape designers in New England!  Working together, we can make this one of the best APLD conferences ever!

Your Local Site Committee,


Love Albrecht Howard

Nancy Lattanzio

Tom Wilhelm, APLD

Ruth Riske (chapter president)