June Newsletter


A Special Offer from Garden Design

 Photo: Claire Takacs

Photo: Claire Takacs

APLD members get their first issue free, plus $12 will be donated to APLDwhen you subscribe!

Go online to www.gardendesign.com/apld or call(855) 624-5110  Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST and mention this offer.

In the summer 2017 issue:

  • How to design an open, airy dining space that works on cool evenings or in midday heat.
  • Best tools for wise watering.
  • Hydrangeas that we count on for summer beauty now come in am impressive array.  Discover new varieties and get tips for using and caring for them.
  • These designers create lush gardens to lose yourself in--all on small suburban lots.  See how they do it.
  • Box turtles belong in your back yard.  Here's how to save and nurture them.

If you don't get Garden Design yet, this summer's issue is a great one to start off with!

APLD 2017 Conference in Boston


One of the Conference highlights will be the opportunity to learn new computer aided drawing skills.

The following three courses will be offered on Thursday, July 14th.

  • An Introduction on to DynaSCAPE Design

Joe Salemi, Product Marketing Manager, DynaSCAPE

1.5 CEUs 

This hands-on workshop will give you the full DynaSCAPE Design experience with an introduction to the software. Intended for the beginner, you will be guided through a work- flow based approach of setting up your drawing for the first time, importing and scaling site surveys, touring the comprehensive plant and symbol libraries, understanding the layering system with preset line weights for every possible scenario, and an introduction to the extensive set of time-saving drawing tools. 

  • Vectorworks Landmark Power Duo Part 1: 2D/3D Plants and Plant Masses

Eric Gilbey, Product Marketing Manager, Vectorworks  

1.5 CEUs 

This working session will address one of the two most popular features in Vectorworks Landmark: planting design with plant objects and landscape areas. Going beyond simply placing plant symbols, participants will understand how Vectorworks’ Plant Objects and Landscape Areas can be customized with data, 2D graphics and 3D representations.

  • Vectorworks Landmark Power Duo Part 2: 2D/3D Terrain Modeling  

Eric Gilbey, Product Marketing Manager, Vectorworks

1.5 CEUs 

This working session will address the second of the two most popular features in Vectorworks Landmark: terrain modeling. Going beyond simply drawing contoured topography, participants will discover how Vectorworks’ Site Models are created, modified and analyzed.

Business Panel:  Taking the Next Step:  How and When You Grow

2017 is a busy year.  Sales are up, demand is high.  How do you seize the opportunity and meet the moment?

Business panels have always been highly attended by our members and a great place to hear how your peers have solved problems you may be facing in your business now.  Whether you’re a single person design-only office, a medium-sized design practice or a blossoming design-build firm, how do you recognize the need to grow your practice/business and what decisions do you need to consider for a successful outcome?

Join us for a wide-ranging panel discussion on navigating the challenges and pitfalls of expansion.  How do you find, recruit and retain good help?  What additional income must you generate for added salaries, benefits and equipment?  How do you leverage the newer social media platforms to expand your market and get to the clients you want?

Our panel consists of speakers from companies of various sizes.  Along with taking your questions, they will share with us their many years of experience as they’ve steered their companies through various growth spurts to become the successful businesses they are today.

Panel Members

  • Design/Build: Donna Christensen, Founder, Christensen Landscape Services
  • Design Only: Matthew Cunningham, Principal, Matthew  Cunningham Landscape Design
  • HR: Tom Fletcher, Human Resources, a Blade of Grass
  • Marketing & Social Media: Nick McCullough, APLD, Founder, McCullough’s Landscape & Nursery

Members in the News

If you or any APLDNE member you know has achieved a milestone, been profiled in local media or recognized with an award, please send us a notice for inclusion in our next newsletter.

Upcoming Events

june 2.jpg

July 8
Martha's Vineyard, MA

Garden Conservancy Open Days

Open gardens will include:

Gardens are open from 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission to each garden is $7.  For addresses, map and additional details, click here.

june 3.jpg

July 22 & 23
Merrimack Valley Area, NH

Garden Conservancy Open Days

Open gardens will include:

Gardens are open from 10 am to 5 pm.  
Admission to each garden is $7.  For addresses, map and additional details, click here.

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July 25
Framingham, MA

ELA Workshop:

Alternatives to Traditional Lawns

1 pm - 5 pm
Garden in the Woods
180 Hemenway Road
Framingham, MA

According to NASA scientists, in the Unites States more surface area is covered by lawn than by any other single irrigated crop.  Traditionally managed lawns are resource-heavy, requiring irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides to thrive in our climate.  Despite the costs, lawns and turf are a predominant feature of the landscape and are valued for recreation as well as aesthetics.
With growing environmental awareness along with new regulations, it is imperative that responsible homeowners as well as lawn & turf professionalsmanage lawns in the most ecological manner.

Following emerging best practices, it's possible to create healthy lawns and turf that are functional and aesthetic and are managed in a way that eliminates negative impacts on human health and the environment, meets regulatory guidelines, and is cost effective.  And when considering ecological lawns, one solution that is gaining momentum is to reduce or remove lawns in favor of more biodiverse alternatives.

Register for this workshop online or contact Penny Lewis at (617) 436-5838 or ela.info@comcast.net