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APLD 2017 Conference:

Laura Kuhn tells why she's planning to attend

Contributor:  Holly Samuels

Laura Kuhn is a landscape designer with Laura Kuhn Design Consultation, based in Arlington, MA.  She is a longtime member and a former board member at both APLD and APLDNE.

Why are you a member of APLD?

The aspect of APLD that I value most is the support and resources for advocacy.

I guess that won’t surprise too many people--I’ve been on the APLD Advocacy Committee for years now, and I also served as the committee chair almost ten years ago.

Landscaping is a robust industry in our area but, with so many trade organizations to choose from in our field, APLDis the only one that specifically supports landscape designers.  There aren’t very many of us.  Our position is unique and somewhat vulnerable in the industry.

Are you planning to attend the national conference in Boston this year?

Of course!  Why wouldn’t I go?  I go to the APLD conferences as often as I can.  It’s a unique opportunity to get together with designers from all over the country, who work with different conditions, climates, architectural styles, markets--even under different laws and regulations.

Residential design varies so much across the country.  Working in design--and so many of us work solo--it’s just fun to meet other designers and talk shop for a change...especially when you get to tour gardens together.

I love seeing what other designers are up to and what ideas they’re playing with.  I think seeing other people’s work makes me a better designer.  You see some ideas that inspire you, other things you’d never do but that push your own ideas forward in new ways.

It’s important to be challenged creatively.  I spend so much time working alone or as the only designer on a team that I don’t think my ideas are challenged often enough.

Good design needs rigorous standards and even constraints to really develop; good designers need that, too.

A garden that I designed 10 years ago will be on the tour and it will be interesting to see how it has developed and changed over the years.

So, yes, I am going, and I’m excited about the conference.

Registration for the 2017 APLD International Landscape Design Conference is now open.  Go to for more information.


Watch the following video to hear Laura Kuhn explain the importance of advocacy for landscape designers:

Get Involved!


If you’re interested in volunteering and helping make our many APLD colleagues and fellow professionals feel welcome during their visit, we would love to hear from you!

We will be in need of greeters, event staffing, bus captains for tours, and other volunteers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to meet and connect with your peers in the profession.  You can contact Ruth Riske at: or Love Albrecht Howard at:

The Boston Conference is shaping up to be tremendous!  We hope to have all of our New England chapter members join us!

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June 3 & 4
York, ME

Garden Conservancy Open Days

Open gardens will include:

Garden is open from 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission to garden is $7.  For address, map and additional details, click here.

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June 11
Greater Boston area, MA

Garden Conservancy Open Days

Open gardens will include:

Gardens are open from 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission to each garden is $7.  For addresses, map and additional details, click here.