September 2017

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The APLD 2017 International

Design Conference

The Boston Conference was a splendid event full of inspiration, education and delight !  Find out all about it in the August Issue of Design Online. See pictures of the speakers, garden tours, award winners and more. 

Don't miss next year's conference.

Mark your calendar now, September 13-17, 2018, Toronto, Ontario

It Takes a Village to get things done...and sometimes it takes a CHAPTER!

We could not have done it without you. On behalf of the local and national conference committees please accept a heartfelt and enthusiastic THANK YOU to those of you who attended the conference, and those who volunteered.  We’d like to give a special shout out to the following New England Chapter members who gave their time to help make the event a spectacular success:

Alysson Fitzsimmons, Rose Kennedy - Greenway Tour Guide
Andrea Nilsen, Ellin Hanlon, Joyce Williams —Speaker Introductions
Christie Dustman, Laura Kuhn, Maria von Brincken —Garden Designers & Guide
Ellen Abdow, Leisha Marcoccio, Jane Rupley,Tom Wheaton Bus captains
Holly Samuels, Shawn Myers, Tish Campbell Conference Assistance
Jim Douthit Reception Host, Garden Designer and Guide
Julie Moir Messervy - Closing Keynote Speaker
Matthew Cunningham - Panelist

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One often hears that the national conference is not to be missed, that it enhances one’s practice in ways mysterious and life changing, and that the camaraderie is great. We’ve heard that too, and never really understood what it meant until attending one of these conferences.  The social aspect—the contact with other designers—goes far beyond networking or having fun over a beer. We ‘get’ one another. One conference attendee said the most valuable part of the conference was ‘being able to experience the gardens with so many informed and interesting people.’

There's nothing like being in the gardens with other designers. Each designer had their favorite places. Here's what a few of them said...

“I have to pick??....if I had to pick a garden to LIVE in, it’s hard decision between the Clock Garden and Jim Douthit’s where we had the reception. Awesome.” 

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“ Christie's imaginative creation and thoughtful placement of sculpture was so inspiring! ” 

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“ GorgeousThe lush gardens and beautiful hardscape details complement the rich agricultural history of this site. ” 

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 Atwater was so serenely beautiful.” 

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 The charm of the garden at Clock Barn. To my mind the most perfect balance between tidy elegance, rustic agrarian and horticultural excellence. Soulful place.” 

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 Sophisticated hardscapes and design solutions, worth studying.” 

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“Visiting Fairsted felt like going to a Shrine to Landscape Design. Fascinating. Gave me a whole new appreciation for the origins of our craft. ” 

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 It was wonderful to have the Krupp Estate property manager provide the tour, and the owners graciously came out to talk to us further about their motivations with the site design.I also thought the Gardens at Clock Barn were wonderful, and well-represented by the owner and the people who advised and cared for them...the thematic and ecological considerations were impressive. ” 


“ Krupp/ZEN ! ! ! Not just about the scope but I thought that best displayed excellent design strategies & techniques. An incredible work of art and a breathtaking example of Japanese garden design approaches. I was SO grateful to Mr. Krupp & Mr. Douthit for letting us observe that very, very special place. That changed my design life.” 

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 At Sakonnet Gardens each garden room was a surprise. The Pavillion and surrounding lush gardens made me feel that I was in Nirvana. Have to go back!” 

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 The Blue Garden Restoration was breathtaking! ” 

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Want More Garden Tour Details?  Stay tuned...

We could not do each garden justice in this brief sampler. Look for more pictures and details in upcoming newsletters.  

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Welcome to our Chapter !

Please Consider APLD  YOUR Professional  Home.

 Susan Flint Vincent,   Susan Flint Designs
Alyson Fitzimmons,   Looking Glass Garden Designs
Devin Hefferon,  Matthew Cunningham Land. Design
Nanette Masi,   Back to Nature
Brian McGinn,   Christie Dustman & Com
Stephanie Tortora,   Weston Nurseries
Ryan Wampler,   Matthew Cunnigham Landscape Design


If you or any APLDNE members you know have achieved a milestone, been profiled in local media or recognized with an award, please send us a notice for inclusion in our next newsletter.


Upcoming Events

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September, 8th, 2017        9:00 AM-4:30 PM
Wellesley, MA
Perennial Plant Symposium: Perennial Inspirations & Concepts
A symposium presented by The Massachusetts Horticultural Society and the Perennial Plant Association. Don't miss the chance to listen and learn from five of the country's best writers and plantsmen.

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November 1, 2017,      8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Brookline Village, MA
ELA's Season End Sunmit: The Plant Pollinator Parternship

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November 13, 2017,      4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
ELA Webinar:
Groundcovers – Ecological Solutions in Place of Mulch

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November 29 - December 1, 2017
Boston Convention and Exibition Center
NEW This Year for our APLD CHAPTER: 

APLD Sprint Session Wednesday & Annual Meeting and Speaker Thursday. More Details to Follow.

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What's Out There- Guide to Boston's Landscapes
Explore Boston’s rich cultural landscape legacy with the  Cultural Landscapes Guide to Boston, produced in honor of the National Park Service’s (NPS) 100th anniversary. The guide, optimized for iPhones and similar handheld devices, features 61 sites and 59 designer profiles, all of which can be explored on an interactive map.